• Image of 1kg TRIMMINGS Bundles!!
  • Image of 1kg TRIMMINGS Bundles!!

While they last!
Thank you for your love and support over the past 12 years, this is most definately not the end but the beginning of our new body of work, Moonbow Australia. @moonbowaustralia is an evolution of our 12 year collaboration, a celebration of spirit, bravery in finding your truth and daring to be who you are. Moonbow Australia creates artworks and textiles that remind us that beauty can be found everywhere & all that you need can be found within. Artworks and textiles available soon.

Now onto the Trimmings Bundles ...
1kg* Bundles of delicious treasures - the very last of Umbrella Prints 100% Organic fabrics. We have searched the studio, dug deep into the archive & fabric racks to bring you the biggest celebration of colour and pattern - stacks of our beloved trimmings spanning over a decade. Every bundle is different and random, no choosing.

> If you love Trimmings packs then this is like 40 packets!!
> The photo is showing only a fraction of what we are trying to cram into the bundle bag!

FREE Shipping: Australia Only

EVERYWHERE ELSE $20AU Shipping 990g bundles.
*Bundles Shipping Everywhere Else are max 990g to keep shipping costs down - 11g over and the shipping price jumps to $45

Designed in Australia
These packs include Sewing Cotton & 100% Organic Sewing Cotton + Screen printed 100% organic hemp/cotton.

The inks used are water based 100% solvent free. The fabric is machine-washable but we recommend a cold gentle hand wash.

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